I took 3 days away from social media and here is what happened…

Cooking with BethI took 3 days away from social media last week I went offline.
Crazy, I know. I am known as the classic teenage girl always with a phone in my hand, even whilst running… it does my Dad’s head in that I can text and run at the same time without falling and he trips over the only stick on a trail. It’s an ongoing joke that never fails to make me laugh.

After a crazy, unimaginable year and a beautiful experience in Cape Town where I actually ran out of space on my phone with selfies I decided I needed 3 days to ‘Zen-out’. I turned off my phone, flew one of my best friends down from Sydney, packed a pack and lived at the Beet Retreat.

For 3 days we ate rainbows of salads, slept in, breathed fresh air, moved slowly in yoga routines, used running as a means for an adventure, invited others to share our time, laughed, smiled… and I got totally stuck into the colouring book meditation!I won’t lie, I found it really hard to not have my social media with me. But not for the reason I thought.I wanted to share so much over these days; because I learnt so much; about me, about why I share how I do on social media, about meditation, about importance and priorities and nutrition and I wanted to share this with you all because these are the type of inspiration I hope to bring. For everyone to think a little deeper about why we do things and to educate, learn and expand myself on so many levels.

My social media is not to show off my life, it’s not to gain advantages in sponsorship. I’d still be sharing with 0 followers. I enjoy that I can interact with people all over the world, my heart is full when I get messages from other women, men, children that say I inspired them to do something and that’s the good power of social media.

RelaxThese 3 days taught me a lot. I think you learn a lot about what you miss out on when you try to capture everything, but also you realise how much time there is in a day when you don’t have those mindless scrolling moments.

I turned my phone back on and watched my phone fill with red circles and big numbers as the messages and notifications came through. I opened my emails and only saw one big email – “confirmation UTWT support for WSER”

I’m going to end this blog here. This email deserves a whole new blog where I will now confirm my 2018 calendar, my approach towards this new, huge opportunity.

All those big red circles of notifications are still there and slowly I will respond to everyone, as I always try to. But for now, I want to enjoy this moment, this energy I received from the 3 days relax, the energy from this email, and this energy that I receive from sharing these days with you.
I would recommend, especially in this holiday period to take some time to enjoy this moment, the family, the smiles, the food… live your Christmas, live your day entirely. Trust me, the world keeps revolving.
Big hug to everyone for these festive days. Merry Christmas, happy new year. Shine.

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