Zero waste cooking

This has become a real interest of mine and learning to use everything of an ingredient has meant a lot of failed recipes, a lot of new creations and greater respect for what these ingredients can do!
So, I now want to start sharing with you a series of blog posts on minimal/zero waste cooking and show you just how powerful and magical these ingredients can be and how much you can use of them! With this one food I am going to show you some of my favourite ways to use it to the max!

Today’s ingredient: 1 cup of raw almonds

Tip: soaking your almonds makes them become easier for your body to break down and makes them become more alive. Before and after training make it easy for your body to crack into the nutrients by always having nuts soaked in water in your fridge!

I make almond milk nearly every week, or a version of (you can use a different nut, a mix of nuts or my favourite which is almond and hemp milk but let’s keep it simple to just this one ingredient)

In a high-speed blender blend: 1 cup soaked almonds and 4 cups water. Blend for 2 minutes on high. Pour through a Mylk bag (easily ordered online) or a cloth. The liquid is your plant powered milk and can be stored in the fridge ready for cereal, smoothies, coffee, tea… or straight… bingo, you have almond milk!

Now in the bag/cloth you have almond pulp. Google away and you will find a billion recipes for ways to use this goodness up. I have tried and tested 3 recipes down below with my own spin on it due to just using what’s in the house and because sometimes I think I know better than the recipes (not always true) – use these, find your own, adjust to your liking, try anything… at the end of the day you have made milk and this is something that most people would throw away so its #timetoplay in the kitchen!

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