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Ultra Trail NinghaiIt’s been too long since my last update blog post! The last one was post TDS in September and already the time has flown to midway November! I really want to get better at writing pieces about me, my life, training, racing, diet, adventures and hopefully helpful tips for you all… 2018 goal set!

Since leaving Europe I returned back Down Under to Australia and enjoyed some time to get back to a routine. It was super nice to run some of my favourite home routes, cook in my own kitchen, have a place to leave a mess for an extended time and to laze about. This lasted a few weeks before I was asked to go to China for a Wandering fever/Salomon Running film and to race at Ultra Trail Ninghai.

The last time I went to China I had the most hectic 72 hours in a country to race in the Gobi Desert so I was unsure how this experience would differ when we landed for 12 days in Ninghai and Shanghai but I took the plane along with Majell Backhausen with an open mind.

The trip started with Ultra Trail Ninghai where I raced the 50 km and Majell ran the 100 km. It was a really unique course that was both fast and challenging. I had a good run pushing with some male runners and falling in love with the bamboo forests. After the race the days were spent with early mornings, lots of driving, lots of miss-communications, many laughs and a lot of selfies to complete the series of footage for the film. It was really cool to be a part of one of these episodes because I have watched these from when I first started running many times over and I owe a lot of inspiration to them!

I learnt a lot in China. The place remained hectic to me but in a different way than before. I felt so welcomed and I think that China has so much to offer to the world of trail running it is only just the beginning. I enjoyed http://www.buycheap-pillsonline.com/orlistat.html learning about the Chinese diet; trying different foods and bringing home ideas for recipes to share with you all. Maybe the biggest learning was about the power of less is more.

In Ninghai I felt the energy and spirit from people that didn’t have much to begin with, welcoming us into their homes, feeding us their own produce and sharing with us their story; then traveling to ShangHai I saw people with a lot more but not with the same smile and a different way of living. It really opened my eyes to what it really means to be happy.

I then flew back to Australia, slotted back into my routine and within days had booked 2 weeks in South Africa for Ultra Trail Cape Town 100 km on December 2nd. I have dreamt of visiting this place for so long and I was super, super excited to take the opportunity to play on these trails.

I have now put together 3 weeks of really great training for me; motivation for speed work has been high as well as including 5 km park runs and some small local 10 km runs for extra fun and community bonding. I traveled to the Victorian mountains with my Dad and spent 4 days slogging up hills with friends, and then have just ticked off the remaining sessions one by one with every morning starting with “Today is going to be a great day”.

Also, getting back to the gym, finding that mysterious time to stretch, making those longer hours of sleep appear and focusing on good fuel (food) for the engine (body) has meant that as I sit here writing this I feel fit, strong, happy and healthy!
I have one more week of some harder training and then it’s time to take the plane one last time for 2017. It’s been crazy awesome, I feel crazy grateful and I am crazy happy to be here.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement along the way.
Repeat after me: “Today is going to be a great day”

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