Yellow burgers: sweet potato, carrot, chickpea goodness

Yellow burgers: sweet potato, carrot, chickpea goodnessI am writing this whilst eating this. I am in heaven.

Soon I fly off for another adventure and supplies are running low in the house. Literally this was a creation of whatever was sitting on the shelves: some thrown, some steamed, some mashed, some mixed and then into the oven with a plan B if I needed (okay so plan B was everything except the patty… I wasn’t that organised).


  • 1 very large (2 medium or 3 small)—we had a whooper of a potato in the box. Half peeled and cubed, half chopped into chips
  • 1 large carrot (2 small), grated
  • 1 cup chickpeas (I boil my own from dried which is far nuttier but canned is fine, drained)
  • ½ bunch fresh herb (I had dill… random I know. Coriander or parsley would be rad), chopped
  • 1 tsp spiced; cumin seeds, turmeric, chilli flakes, ground coriander
  • 1.5 tsp red miso paste
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast (optional)
  • 2 tbsp lentil flour (you could use any flour here)


  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Line 2 baking trays with baking paper (or even better for the environment to use a reusable alternative. I use one from
  • Place the half of the sweet potato that is cut into chips on to the tray and wack straight into the oven
  • Steam the peeled and cubed half of the sweet potato in some boiling water, removed when soft. Mash
  • In a bowl add the chickpeas and give a half-assed mash (leave some whole). Add the spices, herbs, miso paste, grated carrot, nutritional yeast (if using) and mashed sweet potato. Mix it up
  • Add in the lentil flour and use that to bind it all up
  • Roll into balls and flatten into patties onto the baking tray
  • Place into the oven and bake for 10 minutes on one side, flip over, 10 minutes on the other
  • Remove from oven, chips should be done too

Serving option

For my Dad and brother, I served the patties in bread rolls with a dollop of a peanut satay (see recipe below) paste, sliced tomato, some lettuce and a coleslaw we had in the fridge with some hot sauce. Chips on the side with a crack of salt. Boom!
For me I wasn’t as hungry. I put salad leaves into a bowl, I then added more hot water to the satay paste to form a dressing. Topped with sliced tomato, some patties, hot sauce and used some big leaves of lettuce as “wraps” and had burger lettuce wraps. Boom! Boom!

Satay paste/dressing


  • 2 tbsp peanut butter (the type with only peanuts)
  • 1 tbsp tamari or soy sauce
  • 1 clove of garlic (maybe 2 if they are small or you like garlic), crushed
  • 2 tsp curry powder
  • Squeeze of a slice of lemon
  • Hot water, as desired


Add all ingredients into a jar, mix is up, add a small bit of hot water at first and then add until you get the consistency you’re after (paste or dressing) – this seriously brings the dish together, but I’d add peanut butter to just about anything so it might just be okay without

Zero waste cooking

This has become a real interest of mine and learning to use everything of an ingredient has meant a lot of failed recipes, a lot of new creations and greater respect for what these ingredients can do!
So, I now want to start sharing with you a series of blog posts on minimal/zero waste cooking and show you just how powerful and magical these ingredients can be and how much you can use of them! With this one food I am going to show you some of my favourite ways to use it to the max!

Today’s ingredient: 1 cup of raw almonds

Tip: soaking your almonds makes them become easier for your body to break down and makes them become more alive. Before and after training make it easy for your body to crack into the nutrients by always having nuts soaked in water in your fridge!

I make almond milk nearly every week, or a version of (you can use a different nut, a mix of nuts or my favourite which is almond and hemp milk but let’s keep it simple to just this one ingredient)

In a high-speed blender blend: 1 cup soaked almonds and 4 cups water. Blend for 2 minutes on high. Pour through a Mylk bag (easily ordered online) or a cloth. The liquid is your plant powered milk and can be stored in the fridge ready for cereal, smoothies, coffee, tea… or straight… bingo, you have almond milk!

Now in the bag/cloth you have almond pulp. Google away and you will find a billion recipes for ways to use this goodness up. I have tried and tested 3 recipes down below with my own spin on it due to just using what’s in the house and because sometimes I think I know better than the recipes (not always true) – use these, find your own, adjust to your liking, try anything… at the end of the day you have made milk and this is something that most people would throw away so its #timetoplay in the kitchen!

Chocolate almond/oats brownies

Chocolate almond and oats browniesIngredients

  • almond pulp left from above almond milk
  • 1 cup oats (I only had quick oats but rolled would be even better)
  • ¾ cup flour of your choice
  • 4 dates soaked in hot water for 5 mins, chopped
  • ¼ maple syrup
  • ¾ cup almond milk – which you just made – how good is that?!
  • 1 mashed brown banana
  • ? cacao powder (I used Vital protein chocolate powder because that’s what I had, worked a treat!)
  • Optional: chuck in some of your favourite nuts to give a nice crunch, some spices if you’re like me and cinnamon goes in anything, top with more nuts, fancy coconut shreds or if you’re like me; just some toasted muesli you had hanging about.
  • pinch of salt


Seriously it’s this easy.

  • Turn oven on to 180 degrees C
  • Line a baking tin with baking paper
  • Put all the above ingredients into a bowl, mix, sample, adjust, sample… refrain from eating the entire mixture, put in tin, top with decorations.
  • Put in oven
  • Wait 20-30 min, go for a run
  • Remove from oven, let cool (have a shower)
  • Slice up, make a tea with almond milk. Appreciate the power of the almond.

Peanut/almond pulp bliss balls

Peanut and almond pulp bliss ballsA bliss ball is pretty much as many good things as you can find squished into a ball and enjoyed pre-, during- and post runs. Take this as a base, add your own flavour and start to believe that you really can’t screw this up:


  • almond pulp from above recipe
  • 1 cup dates, soaked in hot water for 5 minutes
  • 4 tbsp nut butter (tahini, peanut butter…) or buy more almonds and google how to make your own—super easy… but I’ll leave this one to you
  • pinch of salt
  • 1-2 tsp cinnamon (I always add a cheeky pinch of ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper just for good fun and good nutrients… but use carefully)
  • ¼ cup of chopped nuts, dried fruits, seeds, coconut. Anything!


It’s pretty hard. Put into food processor, blend, roll, put in container. Eat. Glow.
I’ve seen these made with coconut oil if you want to be fancy, add protein powder if you want some extra protein, roll in some pretty decorations like coconut flakes, seeds if you want to get more like on instagram.
I store mine in the fridge and if they might be hanging around too long you can freeze them too…. I’ve never had to do that

Almond zucchini falafel

Almond pulp and zucchini falafelSavoury time!


  • almond pulp left from almond milk
  • 20 g flour of your choice
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed or finely chopped
  • 1 cup grated zucchini (there is a lot of water in this vegetable so this made for some pretty liquidy grating—carrot worked well, beetroot was great, maybe sweet potato could be good?)
  • 1 bunch chopped fresh herb (try anything, coriander is my favourite, parsley, mint)
  • 3 tsp spices—mix it up. Be bold! I enjoy ground cumin, ground coriander and some turmeric or sometimes I feel extra lay and just go in with 3 tsp of garam masala or a curry powder mix)
  • Salt and pepper as you please


  • Turn the oven on to 180, line a baking tray with baking paper
  • Place all ingredients except the flour and baking soda into a processor
  • Mix in the flour and baking soda, adjust if you need more flour, more spice
  • Bake for 15 minutes, roll them over, bake for another 5-10 minutes
  • Bang them on to a plate filled with salad, into a wrap or a bread roll, or simple straight into your gob!

So, there you go! I haven’t even touched the sides of what you can do with this nut but between all of us I think we can have a play, share away and get some pretty good stuff happening for the planet, our bodies and our wallets.


Update – What’s been happening

Ultra Trail NinghaiIt’s been too long since my last update blog post! The last one was post TDS in September and already the time has flown to midway November! I really want to get better at writing pieces about me, my life, training, racing, diet, adventures and hopefully helpful tips for you all… 2018 goal set!

Since leaving Europe I returned back Down Under to Australia and enjoyed some time to get back to a routine. It was super nice to run some of my favourite home routes, cook in my own kitchen, have a place to leave a mess for an extended time and to laze about. This lasted a few weeks before I was asked to go to China for a Wandering fever/Salomon Running film and to race at Ultra Trail Ninghai.

The last time I went to China I had the most hectic 72 hours in a country to race in the Gobi Desert so I was unsure how this experience would differ when we landed for 12 days in Ninghai and Shanghai but I took the plane along with Majell Backhausen with an open mind.

The trip started with Ultra Trail Ninghai where I raced the 50 km and Majell ran the 100 km. It was a really unique course that was both fast and challenging. I had a good run pushing with some male runners and falling in love with the bamboo forests. After the race the days were spent with early mornings, lots of driving, lots of miss-communications, many laughs and a lot of selfies to complete the series of footage for the film. It was really cool to be a part of one of these episodes because I have watched these from when I first started running many times over and I owe a lot of inspiration to them!

I learnt a lot in China. The place remained hectic to me but in a different way than before. I felt so welcomed and I think that China has so much to offer to the world of trail running it is only just the beginning. I enjoyed learning about the Chinese diet; trying different foods and bringing home ideas for recipes to share with you all. Maybe the biggest learning was about the power of less is more.

In Ninghai I felt the energy and spirit from people that didn’t have much to begin with, welcoming us into their homes, feeding us their own produce and sharing with us their story; then traveling to ShangHai I saw people with a lot more but not with the same smile and a different way of living. It really opened my eyes to what it really means to be happy.

I then flew back to Australia, slotted back into my routine and within days had booked 2 weeks in South Africa for Ultra Trail Cape Town 100 km on December 2nd. I have dreamt of visiting this place for so long and I was super, super excited to take the opportunity to play on these trails.

I have now put together 3 weeks of really great training for me; motivation for speed work has been high as well as including 5 km park runs and some small local 10 km runs for extra fun and community bonding. I traveled to the Victorian mountains with my Dad and spent 4 days slogging up hills with friends, and then have just ticked off the remaining sessions one by one with every morning starting with “Today is going to be a great day”.

Also, getting back to the gym, finding that mysterious time to stretch, making those longer hours of sleep appear and focusing on good fuel (food) for the engine (body) has meant that as I sit here writing this I feel fit, strong, happy and healthy!
I have one more week of some harder training and then it’s time to take the plane one last time for 2017. It’s been crazy awesome, I feel crazy grateful and I am crazy happy to be here.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement along the way.
Repeat after me: “Today is going to be a great day”

My favourite gear

I am so very lucky to be supported by some wonderful brands that provide me with gear that helps me to be the best version of myself in training, in life and in racing. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this support nor without this gear. Here is some of my favourite items in a full kit and other essentials.

  • Top

    • Salomon S Lab Sense tankRacing: Salomon S Lab Sense tank

      I am a singlet girl over the t-shirt when it comes to racing if the weather allows. This has remained my favourite singlet with the cool colours available, light weight and super comfy on my skin. Sometimes if I am running with a pack I have to be careful to use anti-chafe around the neck but I really like this relaxed style (not tight) clothing.

    • Salomon Agile SS teeTraining: Salomon Agile SS tee

      This top is really comfy and it’s good to train in and rock up to your local Parkrun without looking like an “athlete”. It’s simple, light and a nice fit for me. Of course, the colours are awesome, too.

  • Bottom

    • Salomon S Lab sense briefSalomon S Lab Light SkirtRacing: Salomon S Lab Light Skirt with S Lab sense brief

      When I race I think it’s nice to race with a skirt, strong females getting it done is always cool and I really like the feeling of freedom with these light skirts. There isn’t too much to them but they sit really well when combined with the brief and belt (see accessories). The added benefit in running with the briefs attached is that you have some small pockets with a gel or camera or if you are like me in Spain I just ran in the briefs in the strong sun and beachy vibes.

    • Salomon S Lab Light Shorts 3Training: Salomon S Lab Light Shorts 3

      I love these shorts! I much prefer the shorter (3) version to the longer (6) but they are super light, relaxed and a good fit. If I want some pockets I’ll just pop the Salomon Belt (see accessories) on the waist of them and I’m good to go for a long time and a good time!

  • Jacket

    • Salomon Lighting Pro JacketRain: Salomon Lighting Pro Jacket

      Recently I had to put this jacket on in a race and the best thing about it was that it went over my pack and vented out to provide space, the hood stayed on and even better, I stayed dry (who would have thought). This jacket passes the mandatory gear lists and is my mountain essential.

    • Salomon S Lab Hybrid JacketWind: Salomon S Lab Hybrid Jacket

      There is no denying I think that this is the coolest looking jacket out there. The part where it rolls into the waist is a pretty cool and handy feature but I really just think I look like a ninja with it on and never want to take it off plus it breathes really well so you can sweat away and still look cool😉 I take this for a lot of my runs around home when its miserable and I need protection… and I want to be a ninja.

  • Salomon S lab Sense Ultra 8 setPacks: Salomon S lab Sense Ultra 8 set

    Running in Australia means on the long runs you need to prepare for summer, winter, snakes, kangaroos, hail, rainbows and just about anything and everything. So, I pretty much stick to this pack on every run. It’s enough to carry mandatory gear, it hugs the body enough that if it’s empty it still doesn’t move. I really don’t think I would need another from my experience racing around the world. + 2 x 500 ml flasks help!

  • Salomon S Lab modular beltAccessories: Salomon S Lab modular belt

    This has changed my life! And not just in running. I own these jeans that for some unknown reason there is stitching to show pockets without actually being functional pockets there, maybe it’s cool but for me it’s downright annoying. I have now proceeded to rock the Salomon belt with my jeans on many social occasions. Back to running scenarios, this is great. You can wack it on your hips for anything adding pockets to hold your keys, gels and phone plus with the ability to clip onto the briefs (see Bottoms: Racing)

  • Runjanji – The Camila Sports braSports bra: Runjanji – The Camila Sports bra

    Ah, the old sports bra. First, let me say that I am built like a boy and this isn’t a huge worry for me. I focus more on what fits well with packs, feels comfy and looks cool… Even better that 10% of these sales go towards help fund clean water in various counties.
    You can see more here: and use the code JANJILUCY for 20% off

  • Suunto Spartan UltraWatch: Suunto Spartan Ultra

    For me with the hours that I run I like the longer battery life of up to 26 hours with GPS mode. The new update brings with it the ability to track sleep which is cool and the ability to see how much of the moon is showing…. Still cool. I think that it looks nice on the wrist and for me it does everything I need from start, stop, Bluetooth, intervals, heart rate and pick a smiley face at the end of each run depending on how I was feeling. I’ve had many of the Suunto family watches and this has been the one to stay on my wrist, return to and will never stop loving.

  • Shoes

    • Salomon S Lab Sense UltraUltra: Salomon S Lab Sense Ultra

      These shoes have lifted my long ultra-running experience to a new level. Together we have run and won the UTA100 km and traversed from Italy to France in the TDS 120 km. Not to mention the countless kilometers in training. For me, I find they are slightly wider in the toe box, has a little more cushioning and is great for single tracks, mountains and dirt roads. However, I found out in China they don’t love wet rocks, but who does?

    • Road: Salomon Sonic RA

      The new Salomon road running shoe has won me over in my most recent testing of them. I don’t live near trails and I pound the pavement more often than not. These shoes are nice and supported and cushioned, I am really enjoying starting to use them. I just need to learn to tie shoe laces properly again!!

    • Salomon S Lab SenseShort: Salomon S Lab Sense

      I first won myself a pair of these shoes back in 2012 at my first trail race. I remember wearing them into the ground and then when my little toe no longer had a roof I caved and bought another pair for running but continued to wear them at my part time job in the bakery. These will forever remain my favourite shoe. I always feel fast (maybe it’s the red), light and comfortable in these shoes. They have grown with me.

  • Skin SlickChafe: Skin Slick

    This stuff has saved me on many occasions with wearing different cuts of clothing, running in different conditions and also just having thighs. My favourite thing about this is that is sprays on so you don’t get your hands slippery and then it stays on… trialed by me for up to 19 hours 😉
    Check it out at

  • Energy

    • CLIF bar shotbloks and gelsFood: CLIF bar shotbloks + gels

      During racing my diet goes from being about plants and from the earth and instead about what will give me energy, sit well in my gut and of course a good taste. CLIF bar works really well for me. Their gels are thicker but can be diluted with water if needed but personally I love the thickness. To me the chocolate gel is like a spoonful of Nutella and I used to LOVE Nutella. The shot bloks are great for the longer runs with a bit more solid food and different flavours. My current favourite is the Margarita shotbloks, which let me assure you are not margarita pizza as I was expecting but margarita the drink. Cheers!
      PS – I aim to eat every 45-1 hour. This is on a good day. This rarely happens. I am learning.
      PPS – I eat actual CLIF bars on my travels and as snacks on the run. They rock too.

    • Precision HydrationDrink: Precision Hydration

      For my hydration I switch to my British passport and am sponsored by a UK based company that does a personalised sweat test and gives you a product that delivers what you need – Precision Hydration. I like that it’s not super sweet, in small packets so easy to carry along the way and hasn’t let me down! During the TDS 120 km race I went without food for 9 hours of running due to a very bad stomach, this brought me back to life. I went from 28th place to 5th in the remaining half of the race.

  • Vital Greens PowderSupplement: Vital Greens Powder

    This year I went full plant based. I feel great, have run well and often and have remained injury and sickness free. The key has been to be organised and having Vital Greens powder + Vital protein on me has been a real bonus. During my most recent trip to China we were forever on the move and Majell and I bought a big bag of oats, a thermos of hot water and sat on the floor of the mountains mixing Vanilla pea protein powder, vital greens, oats and water to create a really yummy and nutritious meal.

  • Le Bent Definitive Run light MicroSocks: Le Bent Definitive Run light Micro

    I met the Le Bent team at Ultra Trail Australia 100 km in May this year the day before the race. They gave me a pair to sample and I wore them the next day at my ‘A’ race for the year (crazy hey?). I haven’t looked back since! They worked great, bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable material but also they keep my foot comfy and no blisters! Plus, they don’t smell. Well… not compared to Dad’s!

  • Julbo AeroliteSunglasses: Julbo Aerolite

    I used to not like running in these more ‘racing’ style sunglasses because I think they looked far too serious but now I see how great they are under a full sun, in the forests, in the sudden rain and how they adjust so well to different lighting. I learnt a lot about how when you don’t run with sunglasses you waste energy squinting and it’s not good for you so I try to take these on my runs…. Plus, I look like a serious runner 😉

So, these are my favourites, at this time. I love the development of new gear but there are some things that I never want to change. Running is a simple sport and as I make this list I was thinking “wow, this is so much stuff!!”, so much for “just some shoes and you’re good to go!”. I am lucky to have access to these products but they are not essentials, they are mere luxuries.

But maybe some good Christmas presents!