TDS 8Lets be real. I am totally freaking out.

The truth is, there isn’t anything I can do now but prepare my pack, rest, eat and smile.

Yesterday I moved into the Salomon house to join the team and with this always comes inspiration and motivation. I have spent the last week still running most days but a lot of the trails just following the river and finishing before they really start. It has given me a lot of time to prepare but somehow as usual I have found other random things to do and am now feeling like I need to get organised the day before!

Tomorrow at 4:15 A.M. I take the bus through the Mont Blanc Tunnel to Italy to then run back to Chamonix via 119 km and 7,300 m of height change. It will be my longest event in time and in distance and with the extra challenge of my first real experience of night-time running. I have always been one to push myself and take on challenges and this for me is the next step up in running.

I am so stoked to be a part of this weekend in trail running history. Chamonix is alive with all the latest Salomon (and other brands too) gear, fit looking people, English and international speaking and a lot of energy that has drawn me back from when I first saw this weekend take place 3 years ago.

I am grateful to have had so many people help me on my journey here, to have a body that has carried me here, to have the freedom to chase my dreams here and the opportunity to share my days with you on this blog. I will stand on the start line smiling for all these reasons.

Tomorrow I run for me, for you and for life. …then I get to kick back and watch everyone else get nervous and take on their dreams.

I can’t wait for that!

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