What is your diet?

What is your diet“What is your diet like?” is probably the most asked question I get. It doesn’t come as a surprise as my instagram story will show you pretty much every meal I consume, a little bit of running and whatever else I fill me day with. I love this topic.

My relationship with food has been as up and down as the mountains here in Chamonix and I thought to answer all the questions I would just write a piece on it especially with rain falling hard outside it’s nice to be inside with a goal.

I eat a plant based diet. Let me make this clear, I consciously choose to eat this way; sometimes, I slip up but I am not sad about that. I try my best and just like in life, that’s all you can do.

I think it’s really interesting hearing what other athletes eat in day to day life. Forget gels and energy bars in racing, mostly it’s all the same, it’s not a passion to consume sugar in these forms for many hours in a day but it is necessary to perform. I care about the other days—where you can create, discover, produce something that reflects you. What you enjoy and show yourself on a plate. I get that for some it’s about quick, cheap meals and creating a meal doesn’t set your heart on fire but either way I always ask this question as much as I get asked myself!

I choose this lifestyle with a few reasons in mind: my body, the environment, the animals and the future of all 3. I grew up eating meat, I went vegetarian 3 years ago and plant based this year. I think it’s an interesting journey. Running through all these choices and listening to my body to find the balance and for now, I am happy.

In preparing this year I have really focused on my diet. “Okay so if I choose to eliminate another food group, how can I fill this area with the nutrients I might need?” and “What does the body require and how do we get these nutrients?”. I researched a lot, I took the time to make http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/cholesterol-lowering/ sure that this wasn’t going to be a short-term adjustment and that I was actually helping my body not hindering it and its ability to perform—not just in running but in life. I want to glow with health on the trails and off and I want to be the best version of myself that I can be—on the inside and the outside.

I eat a lot. I am known to impress people with my ability to eat the foods I enjoy in mass quantity… I think I blew my Mum away this year with her constant need to take the compost out and restock the fridge! I also find a lot of joy and comfort from cooking and creating. For me, it is my ‘off’ time away from exercise. More than cooking for myself, I love to cook for others, to show what is possible. Nothing I make is super fancy and not with too crazy ingredients but it’s honest food that reflects who I am (People ask how many does the recipe serve, I say it’s just for me…)

For the daily messages on what my diet includes, you can find the answer on my website with recipes and my staples or you can follow the days live on instagram. It’s a joy to have this passion, it benefits me in every way and I encourage anyone to try to find some time to enjoy to process and the rewards (eating it!).

I don’t want to sound like a lot of articles you read of false claims but this year has been my best year of running, I am stronger and happier than any other times and I feel, for once, totally at peace with my mindset towards food and embrace any moment I can share this, and some trails with anyone.

I like to think I am going in the right direction, I am making changes and learning along the way… I believe that’s the best way to approach anything and the most important thing is listening to my body and adjusting along the way—just like in any ultra.

Bon appetite and enjoy your meal!

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