TDS 5 – diary of a TDS recce

TDS 5Hello Everyone!

After such a big week last week, I felt my body was in need of all the small things I had become inconsistent… okay, not done at all! Again. This includes the core work, yoga, stretching, nourishing food, and rest.

With my own place in Chamonix I have a kitchen to store produce, cook, room to stretch and roll around on the floor and to rest when I needed to. It has been really pleasant and I feel great for listening to my body’s needs and accepting that I have time to listen to my body and that it is really important to respect what I have put it through… and what it’s going to go through (but it doesn’t know that yet shhh!)

The running has been around the 1-hour mark for these past days with the weekend holding two longer runs but all easy efforts and all including my new best friend—the hiking pole.

TDS 5 with MajellThere’s not much to say this week; it has been timed perfectly with some days of a lot of rain, very cold and even some snow which was pretty cool to go up high and enjoy this unusual scenery!

I am happy, healthy, smiling and excited for the final hurdles before departing Courmayeur in 17 days’ time!

Lots of love!

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