TDS 4 - SantoriniAnother week down and now it all gets very real as tomorrow I make the journey to Chamonix!

If you follow me on any social media you would have seen that I have spent this week in the very hot and sunny Santorini, Greece. Here, I was with my Mum to celebrate our birthdays but I still managed to complete some good training days on a very exposed, dry and rocky mountain; I say mountain because there was only one that was tracked and I just made summits from different angles. It was hard work but I know a lot of strength has been gained.

I even began my experimenting with poles which was something new to me and a good focus. I felt very uncoordinated and a little silly to start with but towards the end I see that maybe they can be useful, I just need more practice and maybe a little friendlier terrain!!

TDS 4 - SantoriniI managed to train everyday rising with the sun, performing the session and then recovering by the sea. For me this is the ideal life… I very much enjoyed this time and as much as I was training, I feel refreshed and re-energised to get back to some more training and begin the final preparations for the big race.

Finding plant based food was probably the hardest challenge of the trip but this is not uncommon with traveling and I have learnt to enjoy the challenge, test the waiters and make it possible. I enjoyed a lot of fresh fruits (taking figs off every tree that I walked past), fava bean dip and a place that served salads that were up to my normal serving size (meant for 2 people).

It was a great week, I leave with a good tan line from the Suunto, a newfound appreciating for the Salomon Speed bob bucket hat, strong and scratched legs and many good memories.

On to Chamonix and the first thing… a TDS recce!

Until next week!