These weeks are going super quickly! I can’t say I have much to say about this week that’s just passed. After the race last weekend, I had one more day in Ambleside and I spent it hiking on the fells with the sheep and eating a lot of food. Then the next day was spent on a bus, train, train, plane, train; again, just eating a lot along the way to pass the time.

I returned back down South to my Mum’s home and have had a week of focusing on eating really well, using the gym membership that I got a month ago with the vision of visiting more regularly then I have and small runs just to move the body and to feel good. It’s been really nice and I think a good week to absorb the good training and small race of the week before and to refresh for the travel that starts tomorrow on to my final destination of Chamonix… but I will go the long way: via Santorini!

This was a holiday booked for my 21st birthday with my Mum but it is perfect with some mountains surrounding the coast so I will continue to train and enjoy the coast and sun (English summer are as temperamental as I remember!). It will be nice to explore a new training playground, create a good training week and routine before flying into Chamonix the week after—this is where the weeks can be a bit more interesting to read… for now, this week’s highlights include a 1 kg tub of peanut butter being on sale and some successful gym visits.

Enjoy your week everyone, thanks for following along!

More details of my days can be found on my Instagram story and Strava log. Check them out!

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