TDS 1I have decided that in the lead up to what will be my biggest race so far, the TDS (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie) 119 km with 7200 m climbing I will write a short blog and keep you all up to date with what goes on. This race scares me, it intimidates me, it excites me and it motivates me. For me the perfect mixture of a good challenge and I really want to (again) share this journey with you because with you all it becomes so much more fun and so much more satisfying.

Again, for this race I will be coached by Majell Backhausen who last year placed 6th in the TDS and 2 years ago finished 21st in the UTMB. I couldn’t trust anyone anymore then him and I am so happy to have him on my side!

Since the Mont Blanc 80 km 2 weeks ago I took the cue of fatigued feelings, flew to the UK and spent the last few days with my Mum, cooking a lot, eating a lot, resting and resetting. It’s been wonderful but I feel the return of the energy to find the routine of hard training (and the hard resting) so I am excited to begin!!

This week I will travel to the Lake District to spend some days of training and then to participate in the Lake Sky Ultra sky race shorter version called the Scafell Peak race. It is 40 km with 2800 m and a great way to kick the legs back into some mountains. I will then stay a few days on to continue to see more of the area! I am really looking forward to this adventure. I just hope the sun travels with me.

After this race, I will then travel back down to the South of England to be with my Mum for one more week, we then fly to a Greek Island for my 21st birthday Holiday. It will be nice to leave her by the pool and explore some of the surrounding mountains… she chose well!

Following this break I will fly directly to Chamonix and begin the recon of the course. My spirits always lift when I arrive into Chamonix and I can’t wait to feel the buzz as the UTMB week draws closer and to be a part of it again.

Once a week I will write a blog in the 8 weeks that remain. I will talk about the training, feelings of both good and bad and explain life of that week.

Thank you for joining me, you can also follow me along on Strava, Instagram and Facebook!

It is very much #timetoplay

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