World Trail Championships 2015

It’s about the journey more than the destination.

These words pretty much sum up my feelings towards competing in the World trail Championships on May 30th.

I’ve now been in Europe just over 4 weeks and it has been more amazing then I could ever dream. I have run some amazing mountains, met some incredible people and consumed some dead good food in between. I have already grown as a person and a runner but more importantly I am learning through every experience and every person I encounter along the way… and I still have another 3 months here!

When I was selected as part of the Australian team I was motivated by the idea of representing my country and wanting to do everyone proud including myself, my family and my team. I want to use this experience to help me develop as a runner as well as see some amazing environments and share the trails with some world class runners… and whether I come first or last I will accomplish this dream.

The lead up to this race has been less than ideal for me. I have had my dad sick, my mum move back home to London and just a whole lot of things that I have always found hard to deal with and thus taking my energy away from my training and instead being there for my family. Priorities.

I know going into this race I might not be at the stage I wanted to be but in my head I know I can do this, maybe slower than planned and maybe a whole lot more pain after… but I can’t wait! I am hoping this race can bring back some confidence and help me move forward. Sometimes I forget how young I am and how crazy this sport is but nothing in the world gives me a bigger smile then when I am out running myself or seeing others running achieving something that seems impossible.

I love where I am, what I am doing, where I am going but I couldn’t do it without the support I receive every day from near and far. On the internet and in person, I couldn’t ask for more. So more than anything I want to say THANKYOU, for being there, whether I have actually met you or you comment or like something I post it all adds up to get me going every day.

I am one very lucky teenager.