I feel very fortunate for the year I’ve had. The races I have competed in, the places I have gone and the constant support I receive from family and friends makes every kilometre I run that much easier and that much happier.

On Saturday I ran the Great Ocean Walk 100 km which marks the end of my racing for 2014. It wasn’t a race for me, but a run to use of some energy before sitting down and finishing off year 12. Mum came along and had her first experience of crewing which I think was a success; she said she made lots of friends and now understands the whole “trail running” thing.

I was very happy to finish as I was going to quit before the race had begun due to feeling very tired and unfit—but I think I just discovered how strong our body and mind is, and how mentally refreshed I was from the lack of training.

For me it has been a long year of racing. I started strong with winning Two Bays 56 km, Mt Buller Sky run 45 km and Big Forest 42 km and then took on some of the bigger races including The North Face 100 km (13th) and Tarawera 80 km (10th) where I was able to see how I compared to some of the best runners going round. During this time I turned 18, making me no longer that underage, pestering girl to race directors and meant I could finally sign my own permission slips and accept bottles of wine as trophies!!!

In June I was then selected to run in the Sky running World Championships Mont Blanc Marathon. As much as we were there to race, it was the whole Australian family trail running thing, French culture and being surrounded by the likes of Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg but to then run and take out the junior’s world title was simply the unexpected as well as celebrating all the achievements by the Australian team!

The last bit of the year has been a bit spontaneous, just entering races a few days before for a bit of fun. Winning the 50 km Surf Coast Century on the first half of the course was a massive surprise. The previous year, I ran my best race there and watching mates finish this year and achieve something that is so far outside their comfort zone was amazing.

Yurrebilla was a race I had been super excited for, having gone over and done some training runs with locals, I really wanted to impress but it wasn’t meant to be. Instead I was pulled through the roughest 56 km I had ever done by volunteers, fellow runners and the trail running community that never cease to amaze me in their acts of kindness.

It has been a year of highs and lows, but it will never be the result that I will remember but where I ran, who I was with and the smile that running puts on my face. My next goal is to finish year 12 and then set some new goals for 2015. You’ll still see me on the trails this year, just rolling the legs over and doing what I love best, just getting outside loving nature and sweet single trails.

I want to thank EVERYONE who supports me, comments on my pictures, comes up to me at races, looks after me and inspires me every day. Obviously thanks Mum and Dad, Footpro, Oakley AUS/NZ, Suunto and Salomon Australia.

Onwards and upwards or maybe faster and stronger.