about me

I started running to spend time with my Dad, he is the one who lead me down this trail of living; showed me what the earth has to offer, helped me find a balance and gave me the appreciation for the body and the mind.

At 15 years old I watched my Dad complete his first 100 km event in the Blue Mountains and I was inspired by the people, the landscape and the energy that this type of endurance event involved; I wanted to be involved. I took part in my first 100 km race at the age of 16 years old alongside my Dad, sharing steps together along the Surf Coast of Victoria. From there I wanted to keep finding new challenges: from competing in a 250 km multistage race in the Simpson Desert to travelling overseas as part of the Australian trail running and skyrunning team.

With the support of many people and sponsors I have continued to find new challenges, explore new areas and learn more about myself and meet new people. Thank you for following me on my journey.